Classic Cars

Antique and Classic Car Museums

  • Gilmore Car Museum: Located in Michigan and noted as one of the top five car museums in the nation with over 200+ antique, classic and collector cars .
  • Antique Auto Museum at Hershey: The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum, also an affiliate of the Smithsonian museum, provides an extensive library of antique, vintage, and classic car information and rotating exhibits.
  • Northeast Classic Car Museum: This non-profit organization started with 50 vehicles on display and now proudly showcases over 160 vehicles as well as period fashions, and videos to accompany displays.
  • Sarasota Classic Car Museum: With over 100 classic cars on display, the non-profit organization is proudly noted as the second oldest antique car museum in the nation.
  • Bennett Classics Antique Car Museum: Currently housing 51 muscle to vintage classic cars, the Bennett brothers are proud of their small but extensive collection located in Forest City, NC.
  • Henry Ford Museum: This extensive site provides you an in-depth experience into the Henry Ford Museum and the impact this one man has made on the automobile industry.
  • LeMay Museum: The LeMay museum, located in Washington, housing approximately 2,300 cars and 3.5 acres of show fields , plans to expand their collection through a projected 60 million dollar project.
  • National Automobile Museum: Displaying classic and historic cars specifically those owned by celebrities, the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada gives its visitors taste of the “highlife”.
  • National Corvette Museum: Known as the “Corvette world on the Internet”, the National Corvette Museum offers the Corvette enthusiasts dream via their site or in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • Jerry’s Classic Cars: Claiming to be the first classic car venue in Pennsylvania and opened seasonally.

Antique and Classic Car Publications

  • Deals On Wheels: Providing the avid classic car enthusiasts magazine subscriptions, collector car dealers resources, products, and literature/
  • Auto Round-up: For those looking to buy, sell, trade, or learn more about classic to muscle cars Auto Round-up carries an array of resources.
  • Hemmings Motor News: Founded in 1954, with the first publication consisting of four pages has now grown into one of the highest subscribed classic and vintage car news and magazine publications in the nation.
  • Old Cars Weekly: Discussing muscle cars from the 1960s to 1970s, roadsters of the 1990s, as well as classic touring cars.
  • Auto Trader Classics: Connect to those that share the same passion for classic and antique cars by buying, trading, and selling your favorite specialty cars.
  • Old Ride: An online community dedicated to everything classic car related.
  • Auta Buy: Features over 30,000 muscle and antique cars for sale in Canada and the United States.
  • Classic Motor Monthly: The UK based online publication for classic car enthusiasts.
  • Octane Magazine: Featuring classic and high performance vehicles.
  • Special Interest: Classifieds for those interested in antique, classics, and collectibles.

Antique and Classic Car Photo Galleries

  • Jim’s Classics: One of the most extensive web galleries dedicated to restoration of 1959 Chevrolet Impala’s.
  • Serious Wheels: Pictures, wallpapers, and information entirely dedicated to the best of vintage, classic, and sports cars of previous eras.
  • Vintage VW’s: Classic Volkswagen wallpapers, photo galleries, VW color codes, show photos and so much more dedicated to entirely Volkswagen.
  • Antique Rolls Royce: The classic Rolls Royce on display from parts, engines, and prestigious Rolls Royce’s still on the road.
  • Packard Library Gallery: An extensive gallery of Packard’s dating from 1899-1958.
  • AMC Cars Gallery: The complete gallery of American motors from 1954-57, Nash 1900-1957, and Hudson 1900-1957.
  • Old Car and Truck Photos: Over 12,000 antique and classic cars and trucks of various makes and model.
  • GM Muscle Cars: The ultimate interactive web gallery of GM muscle cars for those interested in posting and sharing their personal photos.
  • Jaguar Gallery: The timeless beauty of British classic cars are shown through the classic beauty of the world renowned Jaguar.
  • Vintage and Classic Cars of Europe: Gallery displaying some of the finest and rare historical cars produced in England, Italy, France, and Germany.

Vintage Car Price Guides

  • Nada Guides: Pricing guide for those interested in buying and selling classic, collectible, and exotic vehicles.
  • Choosing a Pricing Guide: Choose the right pricing guide for your purchase or to put your vehicle on the market.
  • Used Car Prices: Finding the right price for that perfect used car.
  • Collector Car Market: Different pricing guides for the avid classic car collectors.
  • Classic Car Seller: Learn how to sell your classic car for the right price.
  • Value Pricing Guide: Valuable information and resources on pricing and selling at auctions and privately.
  • Classic Car Bluebook Guide: Providing the ultimate list of pricing guides as well as a how to asses resources when pricing a vehicle.
  • Hi-Bid: One collective database of all auto auctions providing locations and prices.
  • Classic Auto Network: By entering specific search criteria into the database classic auto network will pull up the most relevant matching results.
  • Hemmings Price Guide: Hemmings database provides the finest collection of vehicles for your collecting needs.

Restoring your Antique and Classic Cars

  • Heritage Trim: Tips on how to restore your classic cars interior and trim.
  • Restoration Photos: Restoration tips on antique and classic cars A-Z.
  • Restoration Tools: A comprehensive list of tools and supplies for the DIY classic car enthusiast.
  • Perfect Shine: The final touch to the perfect restored vehicle is the perfect shine!
  • Automotive Restoration: The steps and process in how to properly restore your classic vehicle in the most pristine manner.
  • Color Sanding: Providing the basics and fundamentals in color sanding.
  • Body Filler Basics: 12 steps to using body filler properly.
  • Restoration Videos: Any type of classic car owner can restore their own vehicles from watching these basic videos.
  • Beginners Restoration: Everyone is a beginner, with the basics provided to get the most inexperienced collectors restoration started.
  • Classic Car Restoration: Basics steps and questions to ask before you get started on your restoration project.

Classic Car Shows

  • USA Car Shows: An extensive and up-to-date list of car shows in every state.
  • Classic Car Show News: Find out the latest information regarding cars shows throughout the country.
  • Keeneland Concours: Featuring over 100 classic cars and highlighting the Ferrari, this car show located in Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky is held every July.
  • Madison Classics: Held at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, Wisconsin this car show offers over 800 antique cars for sale as well as 500 display cars.
  • Huntington Beach Show: Spotlighting such classics as the Model T Fords, Flathead V8 Fords, and Mustangs in beautiful Huntington Beach Central Park in Huntington Beach, California held annually.
  • Fairfield County Classic Cars: Sponsored and presented by Porsche focusing on Jaguars and Packard’s are among the many at this prestigious show located at Fairfield County Hunt Club in Westport, Connecticut.
  • Hillsborough Vintage Show: A fall show that features classics such as Desoto’s to Thunderbirds is a highly anticipated show held annually at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Hillsborough, California.
  • Chicago Concours: Displaying 40 of the rarest classics in the US held every year in Barrington, Illinois.
  • Ohio Concours: Uniquely noted as showing Asian classic cars and held in Alt Park in Cincinnati, Ohio also displaying racing, collector, and pre-war vintage cars.

Car Clubs and Organizations Around the World

  • Antique Auto Club of America: One of the largest and most prestigious car clubs in the United States.
  • Classic Car Club: With chapters dispersed throughout the US, a club devoted to strictly the classics!
  • Classic Thunderbird Club International: Those dedicated to the classic Thunderbird, this car club started its roots in 1961 and is still going strong.
  • Ferrari Owner’s Club: With its roots in New Zealand and started in 1986, New Zealanders ride in classic Ferrari style.
  • Classic Car Club of Manhattan: Founded in 1995 entirely dedicated to the beauty of classic cars.
  • Corvair Society of America: Founded in 1969, with over 4,800 members, the Corvair Society has 125 chapters worldwide.
  • Hudson Car Club: Founded in 1909, the Hudson Car Club focuses on Hudson, Essex, and Terraplane model cars.
  • Early Ford V-8 Club of America: Started in San Leandro, California in 1963 the club now has 9,000 members and 125 regional groups worldwide.
  • Police Car Owners of America: The only exclusive car club dedicated solely to police car collectors created by Sergeant James Post in 1991.
  • National Council of Corvette Clubs: Celebrating its 50 th anniversary in 2009, the Corvette Club dedicates its efforts to promote interest in corvette ownership and operation.
  • Las Vegas Italian Auto Club: Based out of Las Vegas, these car enthusiasts provide an extensive list of Italian classics.
  • Model A Restorers Club: Dedicated solely to the restoration of Model A’s and their role in classic car history.
  • Galaxie Club: Bringing together 1954-1974 Ford Galaxie owners to discuss and share their passion of the coveted Galaxie.
  • MG Car Club: Since the first meeting took place on October 12, 1930 the MG car club has vastly expanded its members and enthusiasts dedicated to the MG.
  • National Woodie Club: The classic Woodie has its mark in history and Woodie collectors are proud to display their history, beauty, and uniqueness.

By Quinten Kenrick

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